Lovely! Lala Akindoju & Mawuli Gavor stars in ZAZAII’s July “Influencer Series Shoot” | See Photos

Fashion retail store ZAZAII is spicing things up with its Influencer Series.

This edition of #ZazaiiInfluencerSeries, the lifestyle brand sourced the sizzling prowess of Nigerian actress Lala Akindoju and Ghanaian actor/TV personality Mawuli Gavor for its shoot.

And both actors had a witty and swift interview about their careers and love for fashion.
How would you describe your style?
Lala: My style is comfortable and chic (I think).

Mawuli: Understated but well groomed.

Role models
Lala: All my mentors are my role models plus my mum. – Joke Silva, Jumoke Adenowo, Osayi Alile, Biola Alabi, Bolanle Austen-Peters and Funke Bucknor-Obruthe.

Mawuli: My dad and brother.

Best career advice you’ve ever gotten?
Mawuli: Let your work speak for itself.

Lala: The person you marry is the best career choice you can make

What makes you feel glamorous? (Yes you too Mawuli)
Mawuli: A perfectly fitted suit.

Lala: Make-up, like a full face beat! Especially lashes.

Share an anecdote about working in the arts/entertainment in Nigeria
Mawuli: I once had an older gentleman pull me aside after bumping into me at the mall, to give me a ten-minute heated talk about why he felt I should be with one of the female characters on my show.

Lala: Still thinking about one.

Why should we, the audience care about you as an actor?
Lala: I am an actor who is not just committed to every role I play but I am passionate about telling our stories on different platforms around the world.

Mawuli: I only care about bringing positivity to those around me. Also I always welcome anyone open to being a part of my journey. But we can’t all like each other so that’s okay. We can’t always like or care about each other and that’s something we all need to accept and be okay with.

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 01

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 02

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 03

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 04

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 05

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 06

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 07

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 08

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 011

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 012

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 013

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 014

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 015

Zazaii Experience - BN Style - - 016
Photography: Adebayo Jolaoso, assisted by Emannuel
Styling: The Advisory at ZAZAII
Makeup : @makeupbyekene for DARI
Principal Photography : @adebayophotographer
Subject: @lalaakindoju X @mawuli_gavor
Sunglasses by @Dapmod necklace @ariaba_lifestyle too @rococothebrand

For more info, contact ZAZAII at 36 Balarabe Musa, Off Samuel Manuwa, Victoria Island, Lagos | call 09035925562, 07063719819 | e-mail | Instagram

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